Jene Bramel started a new blog to discuss football injuries. This will be a must-follow. As you may know, Jene contributes here (check out the Quinton Coples series, if you haven’t).

Second Opinion

I started writing about football injuries a few years ago at What began as a rare post on our message board or opinion added to a Footballguys breaking news blast grew into a regular in-season column titled Second Opinion.

In my Footballguys column, I combine my experience as a doctor, team physician and football writer to help fans understand injuries and how they might affect a player’s future and his team’s depth chart. I’ll be doing the same with this blog, with more frequent, year-round posts. I’m also hoping to do some interviews as the blog grows.

I am a pediatrician with emergency department, urgent care and primary care experience. I also assist a certified athletic trainer and provide sideline coverage as a team physician for a high school football team. I regularly see sports-related injuries and concussions, evaluate x-rays, diagnose and make treatment plans, refer to…

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  1. Real Doctor + Fake Sports = Gold Jerry! Gold!

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