With the draft almost here, I thought I place this at the top of my blog again for easy access. I added my No-Huddle Series links as well.

The Rookie Scouting Portfolio (RSP)

Sometime in May I plan to reorganize the site by draft year. Until then, this post contains a list of NFL Draft-worthy reads from this blog during the past 10-11 months I’ve been posting here. Before we get into that list, I want to take a moment to discuss one of the common questions I used to get over the years about my annual Rookie Scouting Portfolio: “What do I get from the RSP?”

One of the things that I haven’t mentioned in that list of things RSP readers get is what you’re reading right now: This blog. I created this blog for a number of reasons but more than anything, it is to give you an idea of the study and analysis that goes into the publication. I love

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