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The best (and most underutilized) weapon in Cleveland. Hoping Cleveland changes this post haste.

Friday is the day of the week I like to thank you for being regular readers of the Rookie Scouting Portfolio blog. Hopefully you find the content as enjoyable to read as it is to write. I value the comments on the blog and email messages a great deal – keep ’em coming.

If you wish to show your appreciation while purchasing a gift that keeps on giving, order the 2011 Rookie Scouting Portfolio. It’s currently sold at what I call a “Lockout Jitters price” of $9.95. Get it while the aftershocks of those jitters are still in effect. Previous issues are available by emailing me (


Former Penn State and St. Louis Ram player Tyoka Jackson has the right perspective on this tragic scandal perpetrated on our youth (scroll to segment 3) Hat tip to colleague and Smart Football Blog contributor Chase Stuart.

Fantasy Football

Sigmund Bloom’s Fantasy Playoff Schedule Outlook

Week 10 Footballguys Staff Roundtable

“Hello, my name is ____ ________ and I’m a Fantasy Throwdown addict.” That’s the common refrain I’ve heard this week on Twitter.  Here’s all you need to know:

  • This on-on-one weekly game is simple and intuitive, but still strategic and challenging.
  • The drafts are flexible to d0: it takes 10 minutes if you and your opponent are online. You can can also email draft and finish several in a week.
  • Drafts can include PPR and IDP and you can throw down with anyone with public and private challenges.
  • It’s FREE to play.

The draft is the best part of fantasy football and when Mike MacGregor and I couldn’t come up with a good answer why the draft shouldn’t remain a part of fantasy football from the preseason, through the playoffs (and hopefully to the Super Bowl). We decided we needed to do something about it.


Two Degrees of Disaster by Elizabeth Kolbert

The Tweaker: The real genius of Steve Jobs by Malcolm Gladwell


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