Why I Like Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler cursing out Mike Martz on the field? Dare I saw awesome? I should say no, but..HECK YEAH! Photo by Mike Shadle.

I shouldn’t like Jay Cutler for what I’m about to share with you. But have you ever had a boss who has his head so far up his hind parts that he’s unwilling to deal with reason? In my Gut Check column at Footballguys.com I wrote that Martz is the textbook definition of a fanatic when it comes to his offensive philosophy. Today I came across the Mad Sports Gal’s blog where she shows that Jay Cutler sent a not-so-subtle message to Martz during the Vikings game.

And I liked it.

ESPN confirmed that Cutler didn’t deny doing it.

I like Jay Cutler as an anti-hero by NFL standards. He doesn’t care what people think and he doesn’t want to play the media game. Reporters hate him because he doesn’t care about them and doesn’t even treat them like they matter. Not something I want to teach my kid but I can get with not being phoney. If he’s going to be an ass, I’m down with it as long as he’s not going to complain about being treated like one.

He’s the John Constantine of football minus the chain smoking.

As you see, I’ve had some free time today.


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  1. Hi, Matt, LOVE your blog. So much that I always have it open. Very inconsequential request that you can completely ignore and I’ll be 110% fine with it… could you consider shrinking the pics on the site a little because it makes it obvious to anyone behind me that I am looking at non-work related stuff when I refresh page, etc. Ha ha.

    PS – did I mention that I love your blog

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