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1973 Week 7 Chargers vs. Browns

A lot has been going on behind the scenes for me. Illness, additional work requirements (and new opportunities), and my home office PC on its last legs have all contributed to fewer posts than the dog days of August. However, I offer a sincerest thanks for the continued support from my Rookie Scouting Portfolio readers during a hectic September that has bled into mid-October.

If you’re new to this blog, thank you for checking out the digs. Even more thanks if you liked enough of what you’ve seen to subscribe.

The reasons I provide this content are simple.  I love to write about football and this blog will hopefully give you a taste of the research and analysis that goes into my publication The Rookie Scouting Portfolio. This is my seventh year studying film for this online publication (available every April 1 – and that’s no joke!) devoted to the film analysis of NFL prospects at the offensive skill positions. Those who purchase the RSP can tell you what it means to them. And I recommend you see for yourself by at least checking out the samples of the player analysis I provide in the back of each publication to show the work that goes into my rankings and analysis.

If you are already a regular Rookie Scouting Portfolio subscriber thank you, and please cast your vote for the organization you would like to see me donate 10 percent of every 2012 Rookie Scouting Portfolio purchase. This publication isn’t making me wealthy (though I won’t object if it does), but I believe in giving back to the world. I used to do a lot of community work as a youth, but as an adult I’ve gravitated to jobs where I work a lot of hours. Donating a percentage of whatever money I earn from this publication is a nice way to at least feel like I’m doing something constructive for others that could use an opportunity in life.

Fridays, I like to provide my recommendations of work I’ve read that I group into categories. Generally the three categories are football, fantasy football, and non-football. Then I’ll throw in a little music from time to time. Let’s get to it.


Smart Football’s Chris Brown has a terrific piece in Grantland on Al Davis’ strategic legacy. Davis certainly earned some ridicule late in his career, but there’s no doubt he was a great contributor to the pro game.

Maurice Clarett on His Childhood – Clarett exemplifies what I have termed the great emotional divide between college talent and productive pro player. Prior to his incarceration Clarett also epitomized the difference between intelligence (which he always had) and wisdom (which was sorely lacking).


For Jobs’ Biological Father the Reunion Never CameTruth is stranger than fiction and the tale of Steve Jobs’ biological father is further evidence of this truism.

A Death-Row Love Story – I’ve taken some risks in my life, but the idea of falling for someone sitting on death row for the rape-murder of children is beyond my scope of what I can personally imagine in my own life. However, this Brooklynite gave up her life to live in Arkansas and eventually marry a man 15 years younger and arrange his legal defense, which included funding from Eddie Vedder, Peter Jackson, and other celebs. Fascinating.


The Stand by Stephen King – I finally read it last month despite the fact it’s been on my book shelf for nearly 20 years. An enjoyable tale with some well-drawn characters.

Fantasy Football

The Audible  – If you’re not listening to Cecil Lammey and Sigmund Bloom on a regular basis you’re missing a great duo. I’m the third wheel on Thursday nights, but the addition of the spectacular Jene Bramel makes the vehicle car-worthy. If you aren’t familiar with Footballguys or The Audible just understand that ESPN’s Audibles is the McDowells to The Audible’s McDonalds.


The University of Miami’s football team might be the most celebrated and notorious part of the school. However, there’s no doubt that the University of Miami Frost School of Music has one of the best jazz and studio music programs in the country. Here are a couple of videos of some great playing.


And you think of “Anchorman” while watching this video below I understand, but it is good…

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